Heat Transfer Paper

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- Heat Transfer Paper best used for photos and multicolored designs.

- Please send all designs, logo vectors (color and/or b/w), and order description to ubcgraphics@outlook.com

- Include in your email name, order #, shirt color, font color, and sizes.

- Due to COVID-19 UBC Graphics is not responsible for the delay of any order and will keep an open line of communication if and when there is a change in order (i.e apparel availability, change in shipping date, vendor order cancellation, confirmation of apparel availability, etc.).

 - UBC Graphics' turnaround time for: 1-2 pieces (3-5 business days); 3-8 pieces (5-7 business days); 10 or more pieces (7-10 business days).

- UBC Graphics offers Bulk By Budget services for 15 or more pieces.

- Follow UBC Graphics on Instagram @UBCGRAPHICS