About Urban Collision

What Is URBXN CO.?

Recently established, May 2020, ÜRBXN CO. brand whose tagline is short for Urban Collision meaning (X) the exchange of culture (Ü) and goods. This brand was created to promote and support the mission of Urban Unity within our urban communities.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, long time resident and brand owner, Claire Johnson have seen her city at its peak as well as its trenches, but no matter what she's always felt that this small group of people (The 1%ers) have always kept the city’s engine going! Who is she speaking of exactly? You've guessed it, us CREATIVES, ENTREPRENEURS, DESIGNERS, and ARTISTS!

Unfortunately, she feel as a Creative herself, "we do not get the shine we deserve nor have we been able to retain a consistent relationship with one another, due to the plethoras of "lack", and she'd like to change all that!

She says, "it’s time we take OUR culture back!" 



MESSAGE FROM THE OWNER: 2020 was the year of vision, the year of manifesting dreams and aspirations. My good people, it’s time we venture back into what we absolutely know! Our minds have been twisted and erased from the things we naturally bare as divine human beings. We were all blessed with some kind of untouchable power that we are solely responsible for...to strengthen...to adjust...to till...to sow...to share. Our roots run deep. Our roots lay where there’s an abundance of hydration. We are the oxygen that helps the heart pump! Without us things wither! We are lives worth living! Let’s quench our seeds and continue to grow...to flourish!!! The world is OUR playing field...however it starts at home first! Let's Get It! #UrbanUnity #URBXNCO 


It's More Than Fashion...It's A Lifestyle!

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