User Friendly.

User Friendly.

You are the company you keep. You attract what you are around. Birds of a feather….


Someone once told me, “You are no good to me if I can’t use you.” At the time those words touched my untouched soul and injured my resilience. My mind was stuck on “is this why I’m not further in life”, “is it because my value to others isn’t usable?” So I inserted myself into other people’s circles trying to see how I could be of value to them and their lifestyles. I spent many years on this journey and each time was a reality check of “Something Just Isn’t Right?!” The quality I’m putting out is more aesthetically pleasing than the quality of those I want around me. My creative process is beyond surface level thinking. I intimidate the people who I would like to associate with. They bash and then take. I didn’t understand why these things were happening to me, if only they would’ve asked I would’ve given them creative and constructive content. There’s more where it came from. My mind is full of brilliance. So much I have to share with others, things that does not work for me or I no longer need. Still in great quality, just not for me.


See I understood the “using” analogy for objects and tools, but for a friend? What kind of person thinks likes this?


Then it dawned on me, years later after connecting with creatives who were passion driven by their own hand…Those who use others for personal gain, can not or does not know how to use themselves yet to obtain and sustain. Those who treat others as tools rather using the services provided have not gained the understanding of 'Power in Networking'. 


It starts with self. You lay the foundation in which direction you choose to build. Are you building forward, making a path or bridge for others to travel on or across? Are you building upward, constructing an infrastructure that provides space and opportunity for others to innovate their own passions from within? Or do you watch and learn so you can begin to do for self so you can be of service to others?


As I am traveling my life, I am learning that it is okay to create new connections, in new networks, as long as the energy that follows, the environment it exist in; is a thriving one. An environment where people connect, inspire, cultivate, dream, share, and still remain whole in doing so....That’s the user mode I want to work in. 


Drake confused us all “With No New Friends”, if my current friends take from me and do not restore or replenish what they have taken, why are we still friends?


There are so many people on this Earth ready to give back to you what you have given to others, the ones who saw no value in your works or services.


I am a living testament. What user mode are you in? #UrbanUnity

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